#100DaysOfCode: Days 1-10

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If you want to learn more about the challenge, you can read my last post and you can also have look at my work log to see more details about my work.


So far, so good! I did really well with following the one hour everyday rule and usually worked quite a bit more than one hour. Though I definitely didn’t do so well with updating Twitter every day!😅  This week wasn’t easy because I had a virus and often just felt too tired to work. But once I started working, I would feel really excited and energised. I did end up skipping Day 8 though; I started nodding off during dinner and decided that I really needed to rest. I’ll add on an extra day to the challenge to make up for it.


I’ve been working steadily through codecademy’s Intro to JavaScript course as a review of the basic commands. That’s also helped me build an Anki deck so that I can quickly recall the JavaScript keywords. Anki has really helped me in a lot of different learning challenges throughout my life. It felt natural to incorporate it here.


The Odin Project exercises have been great because they force me to really think for myself and not just copy a tutorial. I built a simple Rock, Paper, Scissors app that runs in the console as part of the JavaScript Basics course. I had to stop and get help more often that I would’ve liked for such a simple app, but this is only the first 10 days! I’m sure I’ll be a lot smoother at this with practice.


I’ve been using Jon Duckett’s  Learn JavaScript & jQuery as a resource for when I can’t get on my laptop for whatever reason. It’s visually so pleasant to look at and easy to follow. I built a little sales receipt app from it.


On top of all of that, I’ve also been working through the freeCodeCamp curriculum, starting with Responsive Web Design because I thought that would be an easy win and a nice change from all the JavaScript. At around Day 7, I started focusing mostly on finishing the projects in that module to get the certification. So far I made a basic HTML/CSS tribute page for Nadia Murad, the recent Nobel Peace Prize Winner and just finished the Survey Form today. I wanted to incorporate some JavaScript into the form and made it a multi-step because that’s more UX friendly. 


So that’s the first 10 days! I’m happy overall but know that I can do better. I’m excited to press on for the next 10 days!




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