#100DaysOfCode: Days 11-20

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Want to catch up on how the challenge has gone so far? Here’s my first post, my first 10 days post, and my complete work log on GitHub.


I shifted focus a little bit away from JavaScript and more toward completing some (comparatively) easy wins. I finished 4/5 freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design projects, and I expect to have the last one finished tomorrow. Here’s what I made so far:


Between Days 17-19 I learned about Hacktoberfest for the first time and got super excited about it. The challenge is to make 5 pull requests on GitHub during October. And you get a free t-shirt! When I first read about the challenge, I was pretty sure I didn’t have the skills for it. I’m so happy I pushed through and did it anyway. I learned a ton about GitHub and contributing to the open source community. I’m also happy to say that some of my PR’s were real contributions and not just adding my name to a list like a lot of other newbies (though I definitely did some of that too).


Overall, I’m pretty happy with these 10 days. I definitely pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and it feels good to be building new projects.

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