I’m doing #100DaysOfCode!

100 days of code text layered over blurred image of code


I love a good challenge.


And I love pushing myself and levelling up – especially with programming.


Once I realised that my JavaScript knowledge was super shaky at best and not good enough for the Front End Developer jobs I’m applying for, I decided that had to change. I’m going to reinforce what I already know and push myself deeper into JavaScript and I’m going to do it all within the #100DaysOfCode challenge!


I’m committing to sit down and work on JavaScript for at least 1 hour every single day, for 100 days. I’ll tweet daily updates and do a post here every 10 days. I’ll also push my projects to GitHub every day. My aim is to really focus as much as I can on building projects on my own. It’s too easy to just copy a tutorial and not really learn anything and I’m sure that’s why my current skill level isn’t very good.


But we can’t really succeed at anything without failing along the way, so I’m not afraid to dive in, make mistakes, and build things!


I have quite a few resources that I’m working from right now, but I expect to narrow it down once I settle into a good system. I’ll make a list of what I’m using in my Day 10 update.


See you then!


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