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One of the best ways to process your own journey is to share it with others.


I’ve taken on so many new roles and challenges during the last few months. I feel like I must write everything down or no one would believe me!

In just 4 months, I transitioned from stay at home mum to childminder by day and web designer by night. Add that to my normal jobs of cooking, cleaning, and kids and I suddenly found myself working 20 hour days, every day.  Obviously, this is crazy.

I’m aiming to fully transition into web design so that I can finally be child-free by the time my youngest goes to school (3 years to go!) I was blessed enough to win access to the Skillcrush All-Access Career Blueprint which will take me all the way from Graphic Design to Ruby — all at a very professional level. It’s so much better than hacking together free tutorials!!!

On this blog, I’ll post gems that I’ve picked up from my courses and from my work freelancing. I also have a ton of tips on goal setting and motivation I want to share with all of you. You better believe that with an insane schedule like mine, I’ve picked up a few productivity tricks!

My ultimate goal with this business is to help as many women as possible enter the economy in ways that are true to them.


I can do that through building your business website or helping you through the rough patches.

Money is freedom. Unfortunately, far too many women are cut off from traditional jobs and are denied that freedom. I want to change that.

I really want to hear from you!


What topics do you want to see me cover? What are you struggling with in your life or business?

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  1. NurA09/20/2017 | Reply

    You just got yourself a fan to this blog! Keep it up Grace❤!

    • Grace09/20/2017 | Reply

      Aw thanks Aishah 💖💖

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