You have a vision for your business. You’re passionate about it. You can see every detail of your brand’s design in your head

The problem is you can’t communicate your vision to anyone else.

Maybe you tried working with designers in the past and couldn’t see eye to eye on the final result. Maybe you don’t trust your vision to anyone else and tried to DIY your website and are frustrated with the results.Don’t worry – Even just having a vision for your business can unleash extraordinary power.

You just need help refining, communicating, and acting upon that vision

We’ll work together to clearly define your brand personality – how exactly you want your business to look and feel. From there, every element of your design system, the colours, fonts, website, and logo will support that personality. At the end of this experience, you can feel confident that every aspect of your brand matches your vision

Let me help you translate your vision into a brand identity.

The Work Process

Define the Project

Define the Project

Through consultations and worksheets, we’ll translate your vision into well-defined business and brand goals that will give the project clarity.

design icon


Based on our consultation, I’ll draw up mockups of your logo, brand styles, wireframes, and website layouts.



It’s time to stop and check to ensure we’re being true to your vision.



Once the design is finalised, we’ll start setting up your hosting/domain, coding the web pages, and testing for bugs.

revise again

Revise … Again

Now that everything is finished, we’ll check and double check that everything is exactly how you want it.

ship it

Ship It

After a final walkthrough to show you how to maintain everything on your own, we’re ready to launch! Yay!


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Brand Identity Design

You want people to know exactly who you are and what you stand for within seconds of first encountering you or your business. The best way to do this is a brand identity in which every element works together to tell a cohesive story.

Through one on one consultations, we’ll uncover your vision, who your target audience is, and how you want them to perceive you. From there, we’ll design a logo and styles that all support your branding. These elements, the logo and styles, will be the foundation for the rest of your brand identity (business cards, packaging, marketing materials, etc) ensuring a consistent and engaging experience for anyone interacting with your brand.



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Website Design and Development

People only stay on a webpage for 10-20 seconds before bouncing away somewhere else. But pages that offer clear value can hold someone’s attention for much longer. If you want people to interact with your website, you have to clearly communicate your brand and value immediately.

We’ll take your brand identity and apply it to your specific website goals. What is the purpose of this website and does the design support this? What do you want your audience to do and does the design encourage this? We can accomplish this with a fully customised website (WordPress or not) that makes sure all the important stuff shines through in those crucial first seconds.



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A La Carte Services

Do you have something specific in mind that doesn’t fit in with the other packages? No problem, I love working on a variety of projects. Go ahead and ask!